Ham pancakes

Ham pancakes

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Ingredients for cooking ham pancakes

  1. 3-4 potatoes
  2. Garlic 1-2 prongs
  3. Sifted wheat flour 5 tablespoons
  4. Sour cream 200 grams
  5. Ham 160 grams
  6. Chicken egg 3 pieces
  7. Parsley (or dill) to taste
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Ground black pepper to taste
  10. Vegetable oil (for frying) as needed
  • Main ingredients: Ham, Potato, Eggs, Sour Cream
  • Serving15 servings
  • World Cuisine


Deep bowl, Knife - 2 pieces, Cutting board - 2 pieces, Grater, Paper kitchen towels, Tablespoon, Garlic ginger, Stove, Frying pan, Kitchen shovel, Large flat dish, Plate

Cooking ham pancakes:

Step 1: prepare the mass for potato pancakes.

Peel potatoes and garlic. Thoroughly rinse them under cold running water along with parsley or dill. We dry vegetables with paper kitchen towels, and shake greens over the sink, getting rid of excess moisture. We rub the potatoes on a fine grater, slightly squeeze them with our hands from excess juice and send them into a deep bowl. We squeeze garlic cloves through the garlic press there. Add the right amount of sour cream to the bowl and mix until smooth. Now the potatoes will not darken.

Then we put sprigs of greens on a cutting board, chop them into small pieces and put them in a bowl with potatoes.

Remove the cling film from the ham, cut it into thin strips or a small cube and send the cut after the greens.

In the same container we drive in the required number of eggs without shells, pour in the sifted wheat flour, add salt and ground black pepper to taste. Mix everything with a tablespoon to a homogeneous consistency and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: fry the ham pancakes.

Turn on the stove to a medium level and put on it a frying pan with 2 - 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. After a while, using the same spoon, put several servings of potato mass into the heated oil. Press them lightly with a kitchen spatula so that we get flat pancakes. Fry potato pancakes on both sides until golden, crispy. Each serving will take no more than 45 minutes.
After we transfer the potato pancakes to a paper kitchen towel. We give the paper the opportunity to absorb excess fat. In the same way, fry the remaining potato pancakes until the potato mass is over. Then we serve them on a large flat dish with sour cream or homemade cream and serve.

Step 3: serve ham pancakes.

Ham pancakes are served warm as a main course. If desired, each portion of this yummy is sprinkled with fresh chopped herbs, watered with sour cream or homemade cream. Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- A set of spices can be supplemented with any spices that are suitable for cooking dishes from vegetables.

- Potatoes can be chopped using a food processor or an electric meat grinder, which has a specially designed nozzle.

- Instead of fresh herbs, you can use dried herbs.

- Instead of sour cream, you can use fat yogurt.