Dumplings with fresh cabbage and mushrooms

Dumplings with fresh cabbage and mushrooms

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Ingredients for making dumplings with fresh cabbage and mushrooms.

For filling:

  1. White cabbage 1 pc
  2. Mushrooms 200 g
  3. Onion 2 pcs
  4. Vegetable oil for frying
  5. Salt to taste

For the test:

  1. Wheat flour 2 tbsp
  2. Chicken egg 1 pc
  3. Pure water 0.5 st
  4. Salt 0.5 tsp or to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Cabbage, Mushrooms, Flour
  • World CuisineUkrainian Cuisine


Cooker, Saucepan, Frying Pan, Knife, Cutting Board, Skimmer, Rolling Pin, Bowl, Kitchen Shovel, Measuring Cup, Tablespoon

Cooking dumplings with fresh cabbage and mushrooms:

Step 1: Cook the dough.

Of course, cooking dumplings should begin with the dough. First of all, we sift the flour through a sieve so that it gets rid of the lumps of flour and is saturated with oxygen. Then pour about half into a large bowl (for dough), rinse the egg under hot running water and break into our bowl. Next, add water, salt and using a kitchen spatula or tablespoon, mix thoroughly until smooth. After this, you can add the rest of the flour in parts, but continue to mix. As soon as it becomes difficult to mix with a spoon (spatula), then it is time to start kneading the dough with your hands.

And for this it is more convenient to lay it on a flat surface, pre-sprinkled with flour. Knead a cool dough, which, although it sticks to your hands, is easily removed from them. Now you need to leave the dough to "rest" at least 30 minutes.

Step 2: Prepare the cabbage.

In the meantime, the dough is infused, prepare the filling. To do this, put a pot of water on a big fire and wait for it to boil. In the meantime, we clean the cabbage from dried leaves, rinse it under running water, put it on a cutting board and use a sharp knife to chop the straws as finely as possible. Then we boil the boiling water and pour the cabbage for 15 minutes to boil.

Step 3: Prepare the mushrooms with onions.

Without wasting time, remove the husks from the onion, rinse under cold running water and on a cutting board, grind with a small cube.

Champignons easily absorb liquid, so they should be washed quickly, and it is better to simply wipe thoroughly with a kitchen towel. Then we update the cut at the legs and cut the mushrooms in very small pieces.

Next, turn on the medium heat on the stove, put the pan, pour a little vegetable oil and after it warms up, put the onion. Fry it until soft for about 2 minutes, add the mushrooms, mix and cook for 10 to 12 minutes.

Step 4: Cook the filling for the dumplings.

We return to the cabbage, after 15 minutes, throw it into a colander and leave it for 5-7 minutes to make the liquid liquid.

Now you need to combine it with mushrooms and fry over medium heat for 10 minutes, periodically stirring with a kitchen spatula.

The filling from cabbage and mushrooms should turn out to be homogeneous, always soft and without excess water.

Step 5: Form the Dumplings.

We return to the test. Knead the test ball with your hands. Sprinkle the rolling pin so that the dough does not stick and start rolling the ball into a layer with a thickness of about 1.5 cm. Then you can go in two ways: either continue to roll the dough to a minimum thickness (1-2 mm) and using a faceted glass (or special mold) squeeze out circles; or pinch off small pieces from the existing one and roll each into a thin, rounded layer. So, choosing the method that is convenient for you, we spread the filling into the test circles with a teaspoon, connect the edges and carefully pinch. If you want to make beautiful dumplings, you can treat the edge with a fork or wrap it with a pigtail.

Next, sprinkle flour on the cutting board and carefully stack the formed dumplings.

Step 6: Cook the dish.

Now it remains only to weld them. To do this, pour clean water into the pan, put on a strong fire and bring to a boil. Then salt, pour the required number of dumplings, mix and wait for boiling again. Then we reduce the heat to medium and cook for 5 - 7 minutes. Ready-made dumplings will float to the surface, which means we arm ourselves with a slotted spoon and lay them out on plates.

Step 7: Serve the dumplings with fresh cabbage and mushrooms.

Dumplings with fresh cabbage and mushrooms are served hot with butter, sour cream or various sauces, such as mayonnaise. Delicate, tasty and satisfying dumplings are ready!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Champignons can be replaced with any edible forest mushrooms that you like best.

- The filling of cabbage and mushrooms can be supplemented with aromatic spices such as: white or black ground pepper, caraway seeds, as well as basil.

- To make the dough stick less to your hands, often add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil with water.

- Formed dumplings can be placed in a plastic tray, wrap everything with cling film and put in the freezer. You can store dumplings in this form for no longer than 3 months.