Bulgarian pickled cucumbers

Bulgarian pickled cucumbers

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Ingredients for cooking pickled cucumbers in Bulgarian

1 liter jar

  1. Cucumbers (small) how much is included
  2. Bay leaf 1 piece
  3. Black peppercorns 10 pieces
  4. Onions (small) 1 piece
  5. Salt 1 tablespoon
  6. Sugar 2 tablespoons
  7. Vinegar 9% 4 tablespoons
  8. Currant leaf 1 piece (optional)
  9. Water optional
  • Main ingredients: Onion, Cucumber


Large pan, liter glass jar, lid, kitchen knife, cutting board, soft sponge, kitchen towels or plaid.

Cooking pickled cucumbers in Bulgarian:

Step 1: Prepare the cucumbers.

Rinse cucumbers thoroughly with warm water. In order to remove even fine dirt adhering to the skin, I recommend using a soft sponge. Just rub her vegetables so that you don't accidentally get pickled cucumbers with sand.

Step 2: Pickle the cucumbers in Bulgarian.

At the bottom of a liter jar sterilized in advance, lay onions, peeled and cut into thin half rings. Next, add in a jar a sheet of currants, peas, bay leaves, pour salt and granulated sugar.
Place the previously prepared small cucumbers in a jar on top of the spices.
Pour boiling water over the vegetables, but not the very neck. Add the right amount of vinegar, and if there is still some space left in the jar, add boiling water. Cover the workpieces with sterilized lids.

Prepare the pot by spreading a towel on its bottom and pouring hot water into it. Put a jar of cucumbers in the pan. In this case, water should not reach the neck of the jar with the workpiece, but only close 2/3 her heights.
Put the pot on the fire and bring the water in it to a boil. Pasteurize the jar with the workpiece for 3-4 minutesuntil the cucumbers change their color to olive. As soon as this happens, immediately remove the jar from the pan, tighten the lid tightly, wrap your blank with a kitchen towel or blanket and put it upside down on the lid. Let the cucumbers sweat under the "fur coat" for 1 hourand then the plaid can be removed, return the jar to its normal position, bottom down and cool. After cooling down, pickled cucumbers in Bulgarian need to be stored in a cool dark place, along with your other workpieces.

Step 3: Serve the pickled cucumbers in Bulgarian.

Bulgarian pickles are the most delicious cold vodka appetizer you can imagine. Well, those who don’t really like strong drinks will appreciate these cucumbers in the company of meat cutlets and mashed potatoes. Yes, and on the festive table pickled cucumbers in Bulgarian fly apart in an instant, just have time to plant.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Large cucumbers can also be made, but it’s better not to cut them into pieces, but to pick up a larger jar for them, and then the huge cucumbers will turn out to be as crispy as the small ones.

- Do not take tap water for the preparation of workpieces. Of course, not every housewife can afford to use the key, but buy at least bottled in the nearest store.