Is This the Fanciest McDonald’s in the World?

Is This the Fanciest McDonald’s in the World?

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After complaints, McDonald’s has given a serious facelift to a location in the Netherlands

Voted “the ugliest building in Rotterdam,” this newly renovated McDonald’s looks more like an Apple Store than a fast food restaurant.

Renovations to a McDonald’s in the Netherlands might just make it the fanciest McDonald’s on earth.

A McDonald’s in Rotterdam received so many complaints about its lack of aesthetic appeal that it was named the ugliest building in Rotterdam by residents. The city council even debated tearing down the building.

McDonald’s still had a 40-year lease on the building, however, so they opted to give it an extreme facelift with the help of Dutch firm Mei Architects.

The new building has “a perforated golden facade and a grand spiral staircase," Dezeen Magazine reports.

The revitalized restaurant also features leather couches, plenty of lounging space, and an updated pavilion.

“Our task was to redesign the McDonald's and make it blend into its surroundings," architect Robert Winkel told Dezeen.

The building was originally constructed to be a cigar shop in the 1960s, and stuck out on Coolsingel, one of the city’s most well-known and popular shopping streets.

The new building, with its gold and glass walls, has had some actually comparing it to an Apple store!

Instead of hunting down a bathroom when you really just want to freshen up — which at some locations could involve asking for a key, punching in a door code, or even paying (even if you're a paying customers) — McDonald's Next offers a hand-washing station in the center of its restaurant.

The automated experience starts the moment you put your hands under the faucet. First, soapy water is dispensed, followed by regular water to rinse and the it ends with a paper towel dispensing from the top of the station. Whether you're ready or not, the experience happens.

9 Sleek McDonald's In Melbourne Australia

The United Kingdom Hotel in Melbourne Australia was a building that was known to have fantastic art decorations. This hotel was built in 1937. McDonald's was interested in purchasing this hotel and property and preserving all of the fancy features that were part of the hotel.

This particular McDonald's is one of the most beautiful ones in the world. The restaurant features the cantilevered concrete balconies as well as the varying colored bricks on the outside. Those who decide to eat at this particular restaurant are truly able to enjoy a fast food meal in luxury.

3 McDonald's At The Heart of Rotterdam

Rotterdam's inhabitants had been complaining about an architectural failure at the heart of the city ever since the 1960s. A few decades later, McDonald's saw it as the perfect opportunity to turn an eyesore into eye candy. That is how this fashionably-designed McDonald's in Rotterdam came into being.

Reports indicate that the executive of McD employed the Mei Designers to build this masterpiece. This restaurant is guarded by sophisticated glass walls and a beautiful flight of stairs well lit like those in a mansion. The entire building has a golden touch to it, and the customers have three passages to enter and exit. Plus, this outlet remains open throughout the day.

17 A 1795 Mansion In New York

via Long Island Food Blog

This McDonald's may be the most luxurious fast food restaurant you'll ever encounter. McDonald's purchased this mansion in New Hyde Park, New York with the initial intention of tearing it down. But like the residents of Freeport, Maine, the locals in New Hyde Park fought for landmark status for this beautiful historic building. As a result, this is the only McDonald's with a glassed-in veranda where guests can enjoy their Quarter Pounders in style.

The World’s Fanciest ‘Gourmet’ McDonalds

McDonalds is known for its cheap foods but equally great tasting food. The company is a fast food giant for those who live under a rock. The restaurant makes on average 78 million USD per day globally selling at 75 burgers per second. The red and yellow color palette with the infamous double M logo can be seen in nearly every single village and numerous McDonalds in the same town. At least every town will have 2 McDonalds and every city over 50 depending on its size. To some the fast food joint is lower class, cheapening and unhealthy. 2 of those facts are false. Yes, McDonalds costs less but it is not cheapening. If a millionaire can eat McDonalds, there is something about it. One the same note ask yourself one thing is a millionaire lower class individual. Unless you’re a zillionaire then a millionaire is not a lower-class citizen. McDonalds is trying to jump onto the gourmet front now opening a luxury upmarket version of the fast food outlet. In the newer upmarket version of the restaurant the logo is no more bright red and yellow, but it is a very sleek and modern black and white logo. The interiors are very minimalistic incorporating ambient lighting with glass and metallic interiors.

The project named McDonald’s Next is trying to allow the company to expand its culinary horizons. With this project they don’t eliminate their much-loved burgers, fries and chicken nuggets but they do cut out overall fast food experience. Some regular McDonalds branches in the busy CBD’s of country’s already offer table service but it’s nothing to rave about. They just bring the food to you after you have queued and paid for it as normal. They won’t clear up your dishes or check on your mid-meal. With McDonalds Next after 6 p.m. they offer full table service not the lazy kind. They menu even offers quinoa. How eccentric.

With a fresh, new look comes a new pricing model and don’t worry it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. McDonald’s Next now has a custom salad bar and depending on what you fancy, it should cost the same as a salad at an upscale restaurant. What might draw people McDonalds Next is their trust in the brand. They may go to the upgraded fast food restaurant in hopes of finding a very nicely priced and yummy wholesome and healthy meal. Not only is there more competition in the fast food market, but people around the world are becoming more health conscious so many fast food joints are making a huge swerve towards serving healthier foods. This might actually be a choice that’s serves their pockets much better whilst generating more revenues without costing the nation their health. The cheapness and affordability of the fast food encourages obesity and so in a global push to reduce and eradicate obesity McDonalds Next is not just a mere project that is about a more luxurious fast food eatery it is about showing the world that you can have your cake and eat it.

This Is the World's Fanciest McDonald's

Forget about scarfing down your burger on the side of the road. McDonald's customers in Budapest can enjoy their Big Macs in a historic work of architectural grandeur. Set up in the impressive hall of Budapest's Western Railway Station, dining in this McDonald's means dining underneath an elaborate, colonial ceiling. With more than 35,000 restaurants in approximately 100 countries, McDonald's is among the biggest, most recognizable fast-food chains in the world.

The restaurant's menu and appearance has a tendency to change based on its host country. In Budapest, Hungary, one particular McDonald's looks way swankier than you're used to seeing. The station itself was built in 1877 by the Eiffel Company, which also built the Eiffel Tower. Opened in 1988, this McDonald' became the first in Hungary, and was a particularly symbolic gesture given the timing. The chain's golden arches, considered by many a symbol of America's foreign policy and capitalism, made their way into Hungary shortly before the end of Communism.

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Take A Peek Inside One Of The World’s Fanciest McDonald’s

According to Business Insider, the town of Freeport has “strict building design codes,” and McDonald’s wanted to place a restaurant in the middle of a residential zone.

Initially, Freeport’s few residents were not happy about the construction, but Freeport gave McDonald’s the go-ahead to remodel the Gore House, only if it maintained the town’s aesthetic.

”What we are doing there is something we probably have never done before in terms of design and the amount of time and effort involved,” manager of McDonalds’ media relations Stephen Leroy shared, in 1984. ”We are willing to spend the money to make it compatible with the area, the history, the community and the people who live there.”

The building was converted into Freeport’s only McDonald’s in 1984.

The town of Freeport has strict building design codes, and McDonald’s wanted to build a location in a residential zone.

Initially, Freeport’s 6,200 residents were pretty evenly divided about the McDonald’s construction.

But McDonald’s was eventually granted a permit to remodel the Gore House. Freeport allowed its construction, but only if the restaurant retained the town’s aesthetic.

The Gore House is of classical Victorian style. It is three blocks north of the L. L. Bean sporting goods complex.

The manager of media relations at McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Oakbrook, Ill., said the company was treating the project in ”an extremely special way.”

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